Full Body

(1 hour) US$ 40

Perfect to relax the body and mind, the masseur starts at the head and makes his way down the back to your toes. The combination of massage and oils offer relief from fatigue and pain after a long day of activities. It especially helps to improve disorders in the motion apparatus and restores tired muscles.

Swedish Massage

(45 minutes) US$ 30

This full body massage is inspired by traditional Swedish massage techniques. Through rhythmic movements it improves blood circulation and the function of the lymphatic system. It strengthens muscles and nerves. Be warned, the masseur will use all his strength to reach the deep spots for relaxation. An easy price to pay to feel happy and energized…

Legs & Shoulders

(30 minutes) US$ 20

Also known as “foot reflexology” it is a deeply relaxing and powerful therapeutic massage. By working with pressure points it helps to ease pain and discomfort caused by our hectic lifes.

Before or after gorilla tracking it decreases stress and anxiety in the entire body and helps to calm down.

Head & Shoulders

(30 minutes) US$ 20

This classic massage will reset your spirit after a long day on Uganda’s roads. It soothes away tension in your upper body and breaks down knots.

Through stimulation of nerves and increased blood circulation you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

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